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Who should apply?

If you can answer yes to ALL the above questions then Industrial Design may be a career worth considering.

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How do I apply?

In order to be considered to study you must complete all four of these steps by the set deadlines:

Step 1 Meet the minimum academic requirements.

Academic requirements:

In order to be considered for admission to this qualification, you must, in the first place, meet the minimum academic requirements. If you are currently in Grade 12, use your mid-year results to calculate the academic points score (APS). Remember that your final Grade 12 results must meet the minimum academic requirements.

Requirements for students who obtained a Senior Certificate before 2008:

A Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification, with a D symbol (50 – 59%) at the Higher Grade for English or a C symbol (60 – 69%) at the Standard Grade for English.

Requirements for students who obtained a National Senior Certificate in or after 2008:

A National Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification, with at least a (4) for English first or additional language and a total APS of 21 (Based on 5 subjects excluding Life Orientation).

Alternative and international qualifications will be assessed on the equivalent issued by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Candidates may also apply for recognition of prior learning at the Office of the Registrar. The relevant documentation will be requested from these applicants, and such cases will be handled on an ad hoc basis.

In addition to being meeting the academic requirements, a candidate must submit a portfolio of his or her own work, as explained below.

APS calculation:

The calculation of the APS is based on a candidate’s achievements in any six recognised 20-credit subjects by using the National Senior Certificate seven-point rating scale of achievement. Life Orientation is excluded when calculating the APS.

Minimum APS requirements for the National Diploma: Three-Dimensional Design:


English Five other subjects,
excluding Life Orientation
APS total
4 (50%–59%) 17 21


Other recommended subjects:

Design, Physical Science, Engineering Graphics and Design, Computer Application Technology, Visual Arts, Consumer Studies


This programme is presented on a day-class basis only.

Intake for the course:

January only.


Three years, presented as formal academic training at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Selection criteria:

Prospective students who meet the above academic requirements are eligible for selection.

Step 2 Submit a TUT application

Application form

The Tshwane University of Technology application form for admission is available at the website address: Online application or alternatively at Building 21, Pretoria Campus.

Step 3 Prepare and submit a portfolio

Prepare and submit a portfolio

Please take note that all the work in the portfolio must be your own work. No copying of information or work will be allowed. Evidence of copying will lead to the disqualification of your portfolio and application.

Portfolio contents (all pages must be A4 size):

Page 1

This must be a cover containing your surname and first names, cell phone number, age, school results, other studies, work experience. State if this is your first or second choice field of study. Declare that the portfolio is your own work.

Page 2

Using typed or neatly hand written responses do the following:

Using 10 to 20 words, describe how you got to know about Industrial Design?

Have a good look at the Toyota Quantum minibus taxi. Look at the overall design and the detail design. What is good about the design, what is not so good about the design? Write your comments in a paragraph (40 to 100 words).

Write a paragraph (40 to 100 words) explaining why you have chosen to apply for studies in this field?

Write a paragraph (40 to 100 words) explaining anything you have done as a statement of your maturity?

Page 3

Using only a pen or pencil, produce freehand drawings on one A4 page showing a new product you have designed to solve a problem in your kitchen or bathroom. Include neatly written explanatory notes with your drawings. Do not use engineering drawings or other constructed drawings. You may not use a ruler, set squares, compass or any other drawing equipment.

Page 4

Using one A4 sheet of paper, make a set of detailed sketches and provide written instructions on how to make a wall-mounted candle holder from an empty aluminium soft-drink can (Coke, Fanta, Sprite, etc.). Your candle-holder design should safely support a standard white candle to be used as a night light in a bedroom. The aim of the information on your page is to provide such clear instructions that someone else can make this exact candle holder from an empty can.

Page 5

Design and make an envelope from an A4 page. The design may not use glue or staples to hold the envelope together. The envelope design must be capable of securely holding a valuable photograph (140 mm X 100 mm in size) that you are planning to post to a friend using the South African mail service. Make sure that you submit your finished envelope prototype with your name neatly printed on it as part of your portfolio).

Page 6

Two photos of an object you have made (not school projects).


Any other supporting information must be in A4 format.

Submission of portfolio

The deadline for portfolio submission is the last working day of September.
You can submit your portfolio in person, by secure postal mail or online.

Online portfolio submission:

We have opened online portfolio submissions, but please be advised that this is a trial and physical submissions are preferred.

Click here to submit your portfolio online

In person:

Submit the portfolio at the Pretoria Campus, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Room 340, Building 2. Attention: Mr C Duff.

By post:

Make sure that your posted mail has ample time to reach us, as no late portfolios will be considered.

Postal address:

Attention: Mr C Duff
Tshwane University of Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics & Industrial Design, Building 2, Room 340
Private Bag X680


Step 4 Wait for outcome and register

Outcome of application

Outcome of portfolio assessment

All portfolios submitted on time will receive a response.

The response will be one of the following:


Waiting list

Try again next year

Not suited to field.